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Owaimo Kei [userpic]

(no subject)

September 3rd, 2005 (10:59 pm)

It was a careful, presice dismemberment. She started at the left shoulder. She used a scalple, never mind it wouldn't cut the bone, the bone wasn't what interested her. Her tiny blade bit deep and he screamed. It was not a manly scream. She watched the blood fall to the pristine white floor. For a moment she started at it like a Rorsach inkblot. She smiled, and continued her work. She cut all around the shoulder, blade biting deep. it scratched the bone. He kept screaming, and then he stopped, it was probably from bloodloss. But she kept cutting, every joint, all around, to the bone. When she was done, she slit his thraot. There wasn't much blood left in him by then. She stood back. He hung limply, like a marionette with all its strings cut. He was still dripping crimson



.... ....drip...

Owaimo Kei [userpic]

I am hel

August 16th, 2005 (09:17 pm)

Half of me is rotten, the other half is just dead.

Owaimo Kei [userpic]

(no subject)

July 1st, 2005 (03:00 pm)

Inevitably someone is going to ask why I changed my journal layout to involve pink. I don't think I really need to have a reason, but, i'm feeling pissed off right now, so I think I'll tell you.

There's nothing wrong with pink.

And not in an OMG we're being ironic and gothy way.

There's nothing wrong with being happy. I wish to god I was happy more often. And maybe having a bright pink livejournal makes me happy, did you think of that?

Did you think maybe a girl who loves capes and darkness, and desire, could possibly apreciate kitty cats and wildflowers?

Owaimo Kei [userpic]

(no subject)

May 2nd, 2005 (10:07 am)

It's not fair!! I didin't set out to make it like this!! And now look at me! Look! Look through that lens and what do you see?? That I took the shiny diamond and left the genius to rot?!

I will not have it! I am NOT some silly girl with her head in the clouds!

DO NOT FORGET!!! I am ALSO a GENIUS, wasted, or otherwise! It was I who swathed my self in black last night, silk shirt, dress pants, white gloves, black fedora, and black cloak and stalked the city! ME! IT IS MY HEART THAT BLEEDS AS WELL!!


I who fly into rages and break things! I who sob for hours for no decent reason! I who write stories that enchant!


Owaimo Kei [userpic]

The questioon on everyone's mind

September 21st, 2004 (06:58 pm)

I guess if you read my journal you're probably wondering what I've been doing for the last few days.
Well, the answer is... not much.

I worked a thirty-six hour week at Topps, between which, I bought a new router for Dear Adam, as his was blown out in that pesky tropical storm remnant. It cost me fourty bucks, which isn't much, but then agian, it is.

Between which also, I finally got a copy of Blood Canticle, which has been taunting me in hardcover for a year now. In case you didn't know it's the newest of Anne rice's Vampire Chronicles, you know, Interview iwtha Vampire, Queen of the Damned and Lestat and all that. Yay for paperback!

I also finally picked up that 'Davinci Code' book that everyone talks about. I finally did it because I remembered what happened the last time I refused to read a book because it was popular. That book was Harry Potter.

So the Davinci Code... I love it! It's an awesome series of puzzles which made me remember how much I lve that sort of thing. It also made me go refresh my memory on the Fibbanacci sequence, and then I got sidetracked by mathmatical logic paradoxes, so anyway....

I've been hanging around the Harry Potter boards a lot lately, fictionalley.org, harrypotterforums.co.uk and esspecially www.the-leaky-cauldron.org It's funny at TLC right now because there is this big fight between Obsessive fans like me, and the casual fans who mock them as though we were Trekkies.

It's vaguely flattering, and aI love a good debate.

Meanwhile I've been failing to level up on FFXI, which is rather sad. Today I actually lost a level, mundo embarassado. But whatev. The new expansion is out on wednsday, so.... Dear Adam is very excited, and I'm buying it for him as a late birthday present.

I feel irresponsible, because I haven't written anything lately, and considering how many projects I have going on, and how much I used to write before the onset of my final summer vacation, ythat's bad. It makes me feel guilty.

Sometimes when I'm thinking about it in the show this kind of despair just washes over me with the hot water, like tainted blood....

I updated the Xiaolin Showdown webpage, just slightly, putting up some pics that DOnkeykong song sent me ages ago.

Do you ever wonder why I have so many names? Overlord_Mordax, Lejindarybunny, Saevitia Snape, peeves_pretty_pet, Lelia_Lioness, Greer-the-Raven... Why do I need so many?


This has grown rather melancholy, hasn't it?

Also, I took a lovely test and found out my personality type is INFJ which is apperantly the rarest type....

I keep having these great Ideas and not pursuing them... sad...

Owaimo Kei [userpic]

(no subject)

March 15th, 2004 (09:00 am)

Who thinks they have a right to be mad a Mordax for being sick and taking two days off school? Come on now, raise your hand...

I don't get it, is sickness a cardinal sin?

Now my so-called best friend is not talking to me because I missed two days of school.

Does she care that I felt like crap? That I still feel like crap? No. She just cares about the stupid half-assed school project that apperntly we were supposed to be working on those two days but did she call me about it? Did ANYONE in the group call me about it?


That is, not until 5 minutes before 10 last night, to tell me that I had to bring in plates in a voice that could have killed a flower child. And it wasn't even her! It was ANOTHER friend. Cresus Jhrist the whole thing makes me so angry!

I'm supposed to be responsible for myself huh? WEll news flash! Group project!! If you are worried about your grade either dont work with the girl who barely turned in a scrap of homework of her onw free will last year, or fucking call her and chew her out for being sick!!! Don't wait till the last minute and say oh hey, buy paper plates or end up burried in my backyard!!!

As if I wasn't having a bad enough anxiety evening anyway.

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